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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To play or not to play...

I once read something in the editorial of a gaming magazine. It was something many of us would like our mothers to say to us.
"Beta, game khelo, (Son, play games) we need money for a new car."

I began dreaming that day of a life where all you needed to do was play games. In fact, my juvenile self had even planned on making gaming a lucrative career. Ah, the naivety of an ignorant mind. Even though it's been ages since that day, I still cannot completely abandon my dream. Hence, in opposition to all those articles titled "Gaming is bad for your kid", I am going to enumerate some reasons why gaming is good. 

The physiological benefits:
1. It is a known fact that games improve your reflexes and multitasking skills.
2. They also get your adrenaline pumping and your blood flowing. (Just like sex does, and we all know sex rocks.)
3. A gaming addiction can help you to gain weight. (As long as you order pizza 3 times a day.)
4. Gaming is an amazing cardiovascular workout, especially for your index finger. 

The social benefits:
1. Most games today have a multi-player component. This encourages social interaction with like-minded people.
2. Games like 'World of Warcraft' have players from all over the world. Playing them makes you broad-minded and civil.
3. Many people have even met their soul-mates in game worlds. Some even multiple times.

The psychological benefits:
1. The media says gaming fuels anger and violence in kids. That's why games have a rating on them If you let your six year old play brutal games, what kind of parent are you?
2. If used properly, games can be an amazing and harmless sink to channel negative energy. Got shouted at by your boss? Come home and shoot some zombies.
3. Feeling sexually frustrated? Come home and ...err... yes, there are games for that too.

In fact, I see no reason why one should stay away from games other than the nonsensical statement old people make, "too much awesome is not good."

So play games. It's always good to escape reality once in a while. At least until we find a way to escape it once and for all.



Garf said...

I can feel it myself a the way a few for the manager can also have similar named bots and some RPG's can help u overcome and face ur worst fears......gaming is has the capability to encompass all that a human can feel...and for ppl who dont play...well...the things they r loosingon is gargantuan....they aint alive bro.

- The Virgin Author! said...

I hate people who think violence in games can harm children. If a kid decides to off a few people in school and says the game told him to do so then the kid was fucked in the head anyway. I don't recall people trying to get dogs banned because one told David Berkowitz to go around the city and kill a few people.

Violent video games and music are ways for children to release some of that anger instead of using it against an actual human being. I've been doing that, at least. :P

Let me end this with by quoting Brooks Brown when he posted on, a website that discusses video games:

"Truth is, games cannot effect someone lke [sic] they believe, it just does not happen. GTA does not forced you to kill cops. POSTAL doesn't force you to set a parade on fire. Halo 2 doesn't make your mouth turn into a shit-spewing crap factory. This is determined by the person playing the game. Just like anything else- it comes down to personal choice.
Columbine was not caused by violent video games [or music]. Eric and Dylan were drawn to violent video games [and music] because they were violent, fucked up kids. I am drawn to these [violent] games [because] they offer more freedom. And, it may sound naive, but I believe that the vast majority of gamers play these games for the same reason as me. Do you?"


Games have always had a positive impact on everyone. And everything!

Sandy said...

Indeed! There is nothing like smashing up bots named after your boss. :)

@-The Virgin Author-
Well said! Clearly we should have been born as brothers.

I play games because they are fun and offer a well-deserved break from mundane reality.

Jennee said...

I don't know the last time I played a video game...and I never played them growing up but I know a lot of people that are hard core gamers! Everyone has their hobby. What's the difference between a gamer and someone that only watches war or horror movies? Or artists that only paint dark art?

Sandy said...

The difference is that not all games promote violence or hint at the dark side within us. Many games are built in such a way that there are multiple means to the same end. The gamer is the one who decides how violent or dark their gaming experience should be.

Another difference is that movies and art are fully created by someone else and can only be passively experienced. Games on the other hand are highly interactive. This makes for a much more compelling experience.

I highly recommend that you give gaming a try. :)

Rhapsody B. said...


To each his/her own. Whatever floats your boat, keeps you happy and content.