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Friday, January 14, 2011

The chains we bind ourselves in

Prejudice: A preconceived opinion or feeling, usually unfavourable.

Every human being is prejudiced. Yes, even Jesus. Yes, he was a human being. No, virgin births are not possible and this particular one was definitely faked. Now that I have taken my usual stab at religion, I can peacefully proceed with my post.

Most of us have experienced being on the receiving end of prejudice. Some common ones follow:

1. Religious prejudice: All Muslims are terrorists; all Jews are crazy about money; all Christians have an IQ less than 50; all Hindus are tree-hugging hippies... the list is never ending.

2. Economic prejudice: All poor people are criminals/thieves/good for nothing; all rich people are cold-hearted; all middle-class people are suck-ups... once again, a long and tedious list.

3. Prejudice based on Jobs: Lawyers have no souls, undertakers are damned for eternity, butchers like murder, candlestick makers enjoy stuffing candles in body cavities... It's starting to get ridiculous now.

4. Prejudice based on body weight: All fat people are lazy. Oh yea, this is a prejudice too! As Eric Cartman will tell you with no lack of profanity, "I am not fat, I have big bones!"

5. Prejudice based on age: All kids are stupid; all old people are senile; all grown-ups have obsolete knowledge... I once met a 10 year old who challenged me to a game of chess and proceeded to swiftly hand me my ass.

The list goes on and on. Most prejudices have no basis in fact and are just ways people use to try and hold on to their irrational beliefs. Quite a few of these prejudices are even harmless, although a lot are harmful and hinder the smooth function of our world; but some, a select few, are actually useful.

Consider this one: All cannibals will eat you if they get the chance.
An unsuspecting adventurer who, by some chance, is not aware of this would happily unzip his pants for a beautiful woman who offers him lip-service in the jungle and be deprived of a vital extremity in the process.

Although I have now forgotten the point I was originally trying to make, I'll make one anyway. It is that although prejudices may seem to be mostly harmful, it is not so. Indeed, many prejudices are based in some facts and help people to be prepared while going into unknown and possibly hostile environments. The fact that some prejudices have stood the test of time does to some extent show that they are useful, if not in a productive way, at least in a fun way. 

I am prejudiced too. My favourite prejudice is religious in nature. I absolutely believe that every single person that believes in god is stupid. They may hide it behind layers of apparent intelligence and pseudo-rational thought processes but at the core, every single theist is cuckoo, stark raving man. Why? Now that's a topic for another post which is currently clogging up my metal pipeline.

Until next time then,
Stay happy, stay prejudiced. 


The Vegetable Assassin said...

I agree about religion. People can believe what they want but I can't shake the notion that it's all batshit insane and why anyone in a modern age would believe in it, is a mystery I can't begin to fathom. It doesn't compute AT ALL in my brain. And my brain is a smart bastard.

Twisting the Spanner said...

I second what Veggie Ass says about religion. It's completely beyond my ken, I just don't understand it.

Most importantly, though, thanks to this post I shall now be more circumspect with what I do with my todger in the jungle. Thank you for the invaluable advice, Sandy.

Sandy said...

@The Veggie Killer: I am glad I have some sane company here. To me, a psychotic murderer of green leafy vegetables is much more preferable company than the usual breed of irrational religious fanatic.

@The Spanner: It is my distinct pleasure to have saved your todger from becoming somebody's brunch. Welcome to the Idiotic Villager. :)